Fraternity X -Good Pounding

Another fresh week and time to see another fresh new fraternity x gay fuck. We want to take this time to also thank you guys for following us for so long and enjoying our scenes. So this kind of a little thank you from the studio for you to enjoy as some more sexy studs get to fuck for your enjoyment this afternoon. Take your time to see some more studs engaging in anal and oral pleasures and see them play with one another. The group of sexy and hot guys sure took their time to play around and have some fun with the whole thing and we can sure say that this scene is one of those that you simply must watch this afternoon guys.

Take the time to see things getting started quite fast, with the guys all eager and horny and ready to play. The studs started to undress and as always someone had to be on the receiving end. This time it was the guy with jeans and green shirt and the other’s couldn’t be more happy with it as his tight ass is just perfect for their hard cocks. watch the guy with the orange cap taking first dibs on fucking his ass balls deep while he gets around to suck and slurp the other two until their turn comes to penetrate him anally for this scene today. We hope that you enjoyed it and do check out the past scenes for some more superb gay scenes.

good pounding

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Good Boys Get Fucked

Hey there guys and gals. We know just what you like to see and we bring you more of it today. This scene has another group gay fuck and it’s as hot as any other. Of course, one guy manning a camera to catch it all on film couldn’t miss either and he sure got busy to get these guys fucking on cam from every possible angle this afternoon. Well let’s get to it as you are in for some pretty superb and hot images with some nice and wild guys getting to do some hard style fucking just for your viewing pleasure. So let’s get the cameras rolling and the fraternity x scene started without delay since you must be really eager to see them playing too.

good boys get fucked

When the cameras start to roll the guys seem to be enjoying some joking around and having fun in a small living room. Well they got horny and kinky quite fast as one thing led to another and one guy just wanted to get to have his ass fucked by the others. Like we said, one of them offered to film the whole thing too. Anyway, as the guy with the gray shirt gets to bend over and the first guy starts to pound his ass, the other two take off their pants and whip out their cocks for him to suck on while he gets fucked. Take the time to enjoy this superb double fucking scene with them and do come back soon for another new scene everyone!

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Fraternity Test

Well here we are with another new fraternityx scene. We bring you some more bros that fuck this afternoon in the living room and engage in a superb and hot orgy. You can be sure that they made sure to film and tape the whole thing today to have memorabilia. And you can take your time to check out some of our past scenes as well, and you can see some more sexy studs having some gay fucks in front of the cameras and you and enjoying one another’s nice and big cocks and tight asses too. Anyway, let’s come back to out scene for the afternoon and see these guys in action too shall we everyone?

The group was formed by no less than six guys, with two of them making sure to catch all the action on camera. The rest of them get to do their stripping and you get to see them putting on display those sexy and hot bodies while the others film it. and as one guy bends over, he gets that nice butt hole penetrated by a nice and hard cock, as he also does one superb job to suck off the other two guys that were waiting their turn to pound his ass on the couch too. You simply cannot miss this hard style gay group fuck today and it’s the most amazing thing ever. We will be seeing you next week once more with new galleries okay? See you then everyone and enjoy the scene!

freshman testing

Check out these college dudes fucking their asses!

Freshman Blowing

It’s a new week and you know what that means. More new and hot fraternityx scenes are here for you to see without delay and we know you will enjoy them as always. We get to see some more hot studs getting to have some kinky times together and this time we have two freshmen. The two of them chose not to submit to the seniors, but in exchange they still like to be kinky, so they just settled for doing lots and lots of kinky stuff and then filming it for the others to see as well. Either way, this time you are in for some more superb galleries with two very passionate guys that get to have some kinky times with each other.

freshman blowing

The guy with the orange shirt dropped by for a visit to this other cute guy’s place. Well the cute guy knew just why he was here and rest assured that he didn’t intend to make him wait on him and stuff either. So take your time to watch them start a nice fuck scene right there on the couch. The cute and sexy stud with the white shirt, whips out the other guy’s cock out of his jeans and you just need to see him working that cock with a passion. See the juicy lips pleasing the cock with some nice and long blowjobs today and take your time as always to enjoy them. And do stay tuned for more next week as well everyone!

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New in Campus

Well once more fraternity x comes back with all new and hot galleries to show off and these are as hot as always. We get to watch some more kinky group fucking action with these studs for the afternoon as they get to show off how they spend their time together as well. Well by now you know that we have the best of the best group fuck scenes with hot studs around and you can be sure that this will be quite hot indeed as well. Anyway, let’s get the show going to watch the hot and sexy hunks as they get around to do some nice and hard style gay group fucking this afternoon just for your enjoyment shall we?

The story is simple for this one. All these guys wanted to do is grab some beers and have some fun and boy did they have quite some fun by the end of this whole superb gallery too. Watch the whole thing start off with the sexy studs as they get to take their time to kiss and caress one another while they take off their clothes to reveal their simply amazing and sexy bodies as well. Then they decide who’s going to be on the receiving end and after that they start fucking. Watch as this guy gets fucked in the ass and sucks off one more stud at the same time for the whole fraternityx scene. We hope to see them partying around here in the future too!

first week at college

Watch here this guy getting roughly pounded!

The Dream Boy

Another fresh week and time for one more new and hot fraternity x scene to be brought to you guys. Once more we bring you a couple that likes to party hard style and you get to watch them in action for this very hot and sexy scene too. Of course, you can take your time and enjoy some of our previous scenes as well with more hot and sexy guys getting to do some nice anal stretching as well. Anyway, coming back to this new and hot gallery we have a couple formed by two guys that get to show off just how they like to spend their time with one another as well this nice afternoon as well. So let’s get to see them at play today everyone.

dream boy

The cameras begin to roll and the action starts right away. You see, this guy with the black cap on his head is quite the man slut and he needs his hard cock on a daily basis. Well his friend is the most good looking around and he seems to always have special access to his cock. He comes in the room as the guy was enjoying his football game just in his tank top and shorts and with very few words he takes off those nice shorts of his to start playing with his cock. Watch him using those juicy lips to suck and slurp on the meat pole and have fun with this amazing oral scene for the afternoon. We will return soon with more!

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Dick In Mouth

This week’s new and fresh fraternity x update features some more superb and kinky oral action for you to see. The jocks at the frat house usually hang out with freshmen and make sure to have lots and lots of fun with them. And of course, we mean fun of the very sexual and kinky kind as well. In this one you get to watch a tattooed jock as he gets to spend his afternoon with a freshman and the two of them engage in some kinky gay sex just for you and the cameras too. So let’s get the show going and watch them in action as we bet that you guys are eager to see them at play without anymore delays today too.

The scene has the jock making his entry to the room of this guy that was spending his time watching tv on the couch. The jock was quite horny and eager to do some fucking, and when he made his intentions clear to this guy he agreed on the spot too. Watch the jock getting around to whip out the stud’s cock out of his pants and then you can watch him sucking and slurping on that hard cock nice and long for this scene. OF course, this wouldn’t be complete without some more ass fucking as well and by the end of the fraternityx scene you get to see that as well. Anyway, we hope that you liked it and we’ll be back next week with more!

dick in

Watch here this inked jock getting his mouth fucked!

Bro Fuck

Today is another special day as we have a new and hot fraternity x update to expose for you guys in this afternoon. We know that you enjoy seeing hot and horny studs partying hard and these three sure fit the mold. You get to see how the three guys like to party when they have time off. And if you’ve seen our other galleries then you know full well what you will be in for as well. Anyway, let’s kick back and enjoy the scene as these studs sure know how to put on a nice and amazing show for the cameras too. Their gay fuck fest for the afternoon is to good to pass up on seeing so let’s get their show on the road shall we?

bro fuck

As their nice scene starts off, you can see on their faces that the guys are up to no good at all. Well we mean that, in the sense that they were going to have some sex and no one would be able to do anything to stop them. And it would all be caught on cameras as well. Watch them get undressed to prepare and the guy with the green sneakers gets to the the one receiving the hard dicking today. Watch closely and see the guy spreading his legs nice and wide as the other guys need easy access to his tight ass. Then you get to see him banged hard style in the ass by the rest of the scene too. Enjoy it and see you next week everyone!

Check out this jock roughly hammering this college guy!

Blowjob Lessons

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to an all new and fresh fraternityx update like always. In this one we have some new studs getting to enjoy some quality private time together and we know that you just adore seeing this kind of thing. For this afternoon we get to see one freshman as he gets to take some lessons in cock sucking. He needs to know how to do it perfectly as the other guys are always in need of their hard cocks getting pleased by expert lips. Well let’s take our time to watch the action go down as you get to see this hunk learning everything that he needs to know about cock sucking this afternoon.

The cameras start to roll and the scene has the guys making their entry. Well the two studs make their intentions known to the third which was taking a nice and long nap this afternoon. He was more than eager to learn as he kind of has a fantasy of blowing nice and big cocks too. So take your time to watch him in action and see the two other guys whipping out their nice and big hard cocks for him. You get to watch our stud starting off the cock sucking and throughout it you get to see him do better and better as the other give him instructions. And by the end of the whole thing, he gets to have their loads all over his face this afternoon.

bj teacher

See this college dude sucking off two cocks!

Ass Up

Hey there guys, fraternityx  here once more with some all new and hot scenes for you to watch and enjoy for the afternoon again. In this gallery we have some more superb group fucking to show off as we get to watch another set of hot studs getting down and dirty with one another and having lots and lots of sexual fun with it too. So let’s get to see them in action as they were really really eager as well to get this show on the road too. And we can pretty much guarantee that you guys will adore seeing them at play too. And some of them you may recognize from past scenes that we had around here as well.

ass up

The guys reserved this afternoon for some nice and hard group fucking and as you can see it was quite nice too. They like to have this day once a week when they fuck nice and hard and no one interrupts them either. So let’s get to take the time to see them engaging in their classy group fuck and let’s watch them deciding who’s going to be on the receiving end. It was the brunette guy with a tattoo on his back shoulder and he was the one that got to have cock after cock fucking his ass. Enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure as he takes anal pounding after anal pounding and have fun with this new scene. We’ll be back soon with more! Bye bye!

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