The Man Whore

As you know, this site is the best spot to catch some fine and sexy gay fuck fraternity x scenes with hot studs everyone. We know how much you enjoy seeing these guys get wild and kinky with one another and so we bring you another new update with some very hot studs that get to spend the afternoon at the frat house fucking one new freshman as they want to prep his nice ass for future uses too. They even had a little sticker put on him spelling MAN WHORE as well to remind him of it and he would be getting to war it proudly from this day onward too. Let’s get to see them partying hard with this initiation and see them fucking the guy!

The guy sure was down for a lot of fucking as there were no less than five guys ready to take that nice and tight ass of his and stretch it nice and wide with their hard cocks today. Take the time to see him bent over and watch one guy pounding the man whore ass hole first while the guy gets to please the rest of the dudes orally while they patiently await their turns to fuck his nice ass today. What can we say, it’s one superb scene to see with them and we know you will agree with that statement too. So have fun watching this hard style group fuck for the afternoon and do come back next week for some more new and hot scenes too!

the man whore

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Fraternity Bets

Another fresh week and time to get around to bring you one more new and hot gallery today as well. For this new one, you guys get to see one more fraternity x scene with the studs doing a bet of sorts as they get to do some fucking as well. And what we mean by that is, well, let’s just say that one guy got to put his money where is mouth is today. Or should we say ass, since he bragged that he can take quite a lot of cocks in his butt. Rest assured that his fuck buddies at the frat house were more than happy to put this to the test and anally please him all day long in turns. So let’s get to watch the show go down with them

And of course, they are also filming it either to remind him that he couldn’t do it if he can’t or to have a record of his little ass fucking record today. Everyone would have guessed that this guy would be walking funny for the rest of the day after taking so many cocks in his ass, but by the end of it he sure proved them wrong too. Watch him bend over on the green couch that you got to see in some past scenes as well, and watch him letting guys come up behind him and fuck him hard and deep doggie style in the ass for this afternoon. And you can bet that he sure impressed with his resilience and became the buttslut!

the lost bet

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Fraternity X – The Green Couch

Hey there once more guys and gals. We welcome you to a all new and hot fraternityx update today as well. This scene is titled a bit odd, since the couch in question isn’t at all green, but it rather takes the name, that lots of freshmen get to have their first sexual gay experience on it and this is exactly what happens in this one as well. The seniors gathered around as they had quite the job ahead of them today to initiate this new guy to the group and he was going to learn both how to take some serious cock in his ass and also sucking some hard cock too. So let’s not waste the time and just get to see them in action without delay!

the green couch

His seniors were going to be taking the time to teach him everything that he needs to know like we said and it’s quite the sexy scene to behold with it. take your time to see one dude sitting on the couch and offering up his cock for a nice sucking to the guy, while another one gets all naked and as he was bent over, he starts to fuck him in the ass nice and deep with his huge cock. Of course, there was another stud ready to pound his ass when this guy was done, and last but not least, you get to see another two guys manning cameras to catch this memorable act on film as well to enjoy at a later date too. Have fun with it!

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The Horny Dude

Some more new fraternityx scenes are here for you to see everyone and this time you just can’t miss them. If you want to see some truly horny guys getting to have some wild times today, just take your time to sit back and watch them engaging in a superb gay group fuck this afternoon. You can also take your time to check out the previous scenes as well and see more fresh frat studs as they fuck one another nice and hard as well, just for your enjoyment and the cameras too. Meanwhile, let’s get this show for this week on the road and see the group of studs partying some more this afternoon at the house too!

Well as most of the scenes here, when there’s a group action scene, you know that there always has to be one dude that gets to be on the receiving end too. This week that was already settled by the time that the cameras rolled and it was the guy that also knows how to blow cock it seems. Well he sure had a long duty to perform today as all the others were in dire need to get their nice cocks sucked on and his juicy lips would do the trick quite nicely. Take your time to see him offering blowjobs left and right and after all that cock sucking, enjoy watching him as he gets to be covered in the guys’ jizz for the end of the scene today!

the dude

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Sex Show

Time to get to see an all new and hot fraternity x scene today everybody. We come back with some new and fresh galleries for you to enjoy and you can rest assured that there’s quite a lot to see in this one as always. We get to see some familiar faces for this one and by now you know that these studs got it all figured out as well. And you know you will be in for some nice and superb scenes with them any time that they get to have some kinky fun. Well this is one more sex show that you get to see with two guys settling a bet while their other buddies are enjoying the a beer and the view and catching it all on camera today.

sex show

Well like we mentioned, there was a bet going on for this one and it seems that the guy with the white shirt lost and his buddy in red won it. Well in their nice little scene this afternoon you get to watch the guy in red collecting his winning from the other guy in the form of one superb and hot blowjob done very very professionally too. So take your time to watch the guy whipping out his big and hard cock and see the other guy do a superb job of sucking and deep throating it with a passion for this new scene today. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as our past scenes and we will be seeing you guys next week with more new fraternityx content!

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Rough Stuffing

We’re back today with another new fraternity x scene for you. Like we said in scenes before, you know that this is simply the best place to visit if you want to get to see some hot and sexy studs getting around to spend quality time together sexing it up as much as they want and rest assured that this fraternityx scene doesn’t stray from the formula either. More hot and horny guys here to have fun with and more simply outstanding scenes with them as well. So let’s get this thing going and see them at play as you get to see another group of four of them getting to have some barebacking fun with one another in front of the cameras and you today!

Well today you get to see essentially, another little man slut that gets as much cock as he wants from his buddies this afternoon. His ass was so very much desiring a nice and hard style pounding and the guys were more than happy to help him out in that regard. So the whole thing takes place in the shower room, where the guys decided to go for it. Watch the man slut laying on the floor with his legs spread open and see him moaning in pleasure as the others take their turns to anally please him this afternoon. By the end of it he sure could use a shower as he was covered in their sticky jizz too. Enjoy it as per usual everyone!

rough stuffing

Watch here this college guy stuffing a butthole!

Public Blowjob

Another fresh week and time for one more superb fraternityx scene to be delivered to you guys this fine week. In this one we get to see some hot studs partying outdoors at a barbeque, but it seems that two of the guys strayed away from the pack to have their own private fun as well. Anyway, you can check out some of the past galleries as well guys and gals and you can see some more hot hunks as they get around to have some nice gay sexual fun for your enjoyment as well. Anyway, let’s carry on with this one as we bet that you are very eager to see what went down as well. So let the cameras roll without any delay today.

public blowjob

Their nice scenes starts with them getting into a conversation at the said barbeque. The thing is that the two kind of fancy each other and since they got to have some beers they also seem to have gotten to lose some of their inhibitions as well. Anyway, watch closely and see them going to a more private part of the back yard and once there, watch the tattooed guy getting on his knees and whipping this other guy’s cock out. You get to see him performing some superb oral as he sucks and deep throats that cock with a passion and he continues to suck on the man meat until the guy shoots his load all over this guy’s face today. Have fun with it and see you soon!

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FraternityX – Mind Blowing Fuck

This week’s scene has some more superb goodies for you to see in the fraternityx scene. We have another two studs that were very eager for a nice fuck and you can be sure that in this scene you get to see them spending some quality time together in the scene. You can rest assured that they plan on spending this whole scene getting around to doing some nice and hard ass fucking for the afternoon too. So let’s not delay any longer with the show as we bet that you are eager to see them play as well for this scene. And we just have to say that this sure is one of our best and sexiest scenes here to date too.

Well the guys get started with some nice and classy kissing and caressing as they undress. It seems that all the studs around here do have a passionate side no matter how hard they like to fuck anyway. So after they get completely naked, you can see them in action some more as one dude sucks off the other to get his cock nice and hard for his fine and tight ass today too. Watch him then bend over and see him taking his ass fucking like a champ, while the other stretches out his ass with a nice and hard style anal penetration for their scene this afternoon. Enjoy it and we will be seeing you again next week with another scene that you will get to watch and enjoy as well everyone!

mind blowing fuck

Watch here these college guys banging their asses!

Insane Mouth Fuck

Hey there guys, fraternity x is back as always with more new scenes for you. Another threesome was in order to be delivered to you guys and you can bet that you get to enjoy it for this fine week. We had some tattooed studs here that were in the mood for fun and they got to have some time alone with this other guy that is just the sluttiest horny guy around campus. And you can bet that the two tattooed guys regularly enjoy his company and get to have some fun with his ass and mouth too. Let’s get to see them doing a nice and hard group fucking this afternoon and enjoy the whole fraternityx scene with them shall we everyone?

insane mouth fuck

The jocks and this guy engage in a nice and long kissing and caressing session as they take off one another’s clothes. And then when they are all naked, they let the guy do a nice and superb double blowjob for them and get their big cocks all hard and ready to party. The rest of the action goes down on the couch as you get to see one guy pounding his nice and tight ass, while the other makes him suck and deep throat his fine dick as well. Sit through to the end and see the guy presenting his face for their loads as well and see them blowing their jizz all over his cute face today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay everyone!

Watch here these jocks stuffing this guy’s tight holes!

FraternityX – Game Night

Fraternity x is back once more with new and hot scenes. This gallery has another amazing collection of superb gay scenes for you to enjoy and we know you will love them as always. For this scene you get to see some of the studs of the frat house as they get to enjoy the football game on tv while enjoying some oral pleasing on the side from a freshman that just knows how to work magic with his lips on cocks. We can say for sure that this scene will be quite a treat to see, so take your time with it today everyone and let’s get the cameras rolling to see more to the point just what went down with these four shall we?

Like we said, there was the game night and the guys were also going to get their cocks pleased. Well, the three don’t have to do anything really. The guy had it all covered as he’d get to each and everyone of them to suck on their cocks today. First off he starts with the tank top guy and he just moans in pleasure at those lips working his nice and hard meat pole. Then the guy with no shirt on gets his turn to fuck the guy’s mouth and last but not least the orange cap stud too. And by the end of this whole scene, you get to see the cock sucker getting covered in their jizz loads as well. Take your time to enjoy this show and see you soon!

horny freshman

See these college dudes getting sucked by a freshman!