Fraternity Bets

Another fresh week and time to get around to bring you one more new and hot gallery today as well. For this new one, you guys get to see one more fraternity x scene with the studs doing a bet of sorts as they get to do some fucking as well. And what we mean by that is, well, let’s just say that one guy got to put his money where is mouth is today. Or should we say ass, since he bragged that he can take quite a lot of cocks in his butt. Rest assured that his fuck buddies at the frat house were more than happy to put this to the test and anally please him all day long in turns. So let’s get to watch the show go down with them

And of course, they are also filming it either to remind him that he couldn’t do it if he can’t or to have a record of his little ass fucking record today. Everyone would have guessed that this guy would be walking funny for the rest of the day after taking so many cocks in his ass, but by the end of it he sure proved them wrong too. Watch him bend over on the green couch that you got to see in some past scenes as well, and watch him letting guys come up behind him and fuck him hard and deep doggie style in the ass for this afternoon. And you can bet that he sure impressed with his resilience and became the buttslut!

Watch here these jocks fucking one another!