Fresh Fraternity X Video

Another fresh and new week and time to get to see more fraternity x clips today. We promised you last week that we’d have some more of these from time to time and we wanted to start off this new batch with such a scene too. Anyway, sit back and take your time to see a frat house party taking a very kinky turn and having one guy getting his tight ass getting penetrated by the rest of the guys in the group this afternoon. You know that the studs around here like to party hard style in every sense of the word and yes that extends to ass fucking as well. Either way, take your time to watch another new scene with hot guys!

This new video scene like we said, has the party getting more and more interesting. The guys ended up playing some beer pong while enjoying their drinks and the losing team had to put up one guy to be the man slut for the rest of the enemy team to fuck in the ass today. Well they respected the rules and the guy with the white tank top gets to be the anal whore for the scene. Sit back and watch him bent over by all the others and see his nice and fine ass penetrated all day long by every other guy too. We hope that you liked the video and do check out the rest of the galleries that we had here in the past to enjoy more hot guys fucking!


Check out this dude getting roughly hammered!