FraternityX – Take That

Hey there everyone, we come once more with some all new fraternity x scenes for you to see. Just like usual we have more fraternity studs that get wild and naughty for your viewing pleasure. This group of five also had the time off and nothing to do so what better way to spend the time than to do some nice and hard style fucking while they were at it. Of course, you all get to see just what they did and rest easy knowing that there’s lots of anal involved too. Well, let’s not waste time and check them out as we know that you are eager to see the wild guys in action too. So without further due, let the cameras roll.

When the scene starts off, the guys are just sitting on the sofa and enjoying some drinks while watching TV. Well one of them has the brilliant idea to waste time with some nice and passionate sex while they were at it. Well strap in and check them out undressing and stroking those cocks to get themselves nice and hard. Take your time to watch the guy with the blue cap bending over and eagerly waiting for a nice ass stretching. His buddies are more than happy to help, so for the rest of this fraternityx scene, you can watch that guy taking a doggie style ass fucking from all of his buddies. We hope that you had fun with the scene and we will be returning soon with another all new and fresh gallery. See you guys then and bye bye!

take that dick

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